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Unfaithful Movie Download In Hindi Mp4 (Final 2022)




Unfaithful Movie is Directed by Omar Dutta and Produced by Rituparna Sengupta under the production of Idea Media World.This movie was Released on 18 June 2015. A Mughal prince attempts to seduce the wife of his friend to ensure that her two children are legitimate. Plot: Kamran, Nandini and Disha are in love with each other. Disha belongs to an educated family and is raised by her grandmother after her parents died. She is very good at the art of dance, but due to poor upbringing she cannot take the lead in the family and as a result she lives a traditional life. She does not believe in modern life, but she becomes attracted to Kamran and starts liking him. Nandini comes from a rich family. Her mother and grandmother are both living with her. She loves the art of dance, and her mother supports her in it. Her father wants to marry her to the son of the business rival, for which he wants her to be a house wife and give her daughter in law. Kamran was in love with Nandini but got married to Nandini's friend, who is a completely opposite personality. Nandini tries her best to make Kamran and Disha a family. After some time she gets married to the son of the rival business. She wants to have a happy married life, but after a few months she feels that she is having a difficult time with her husband, as he does not go out with his friends like her father did. Disha and Kamran have a relationship but Kamran wants Nandini to forget him. Nandini convinces Kamran and Disha to have a family. When Kamran's friend tells him that his wife is having an affair with Kamran, Kamran asks Disha for an explanation and a fight breaks out between the two, which results in a quarrel. He says: So let me explain you the latest thing. You have done something stupid. You have done something that you regret. And now you are thinking that God is going to punish you. But, I'll tell you. We all have to die. You are going to die. I told you, he says, I am not going to let you die alone. He is my son. The boy is my son. And then there is another story. I was a boy who was born to illiterate and poverty. My parents were married




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Unfaithful Movie Download In Hindi Mp4 (Final 2022)

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